Engineer Manager

We are hiring an experienced Engineer Manager to lead our dynamic team in achieving engineering excellence and innovation. As an Engineer Manager, you will play a pivotal role in guiding and managing our engineering projects, fostering a culture of collaboration, and driving technical excellence within our organization.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leadership: Provide effective leadership and direction to the engineering team, setting clear goals and priorities for project execution and product development.

  • Project Management: Oversee all engineering projects from conception to completion, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery while maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Team Development: Cultivate a high-performing engineering team through mentorship, coaching, and continuous skill development.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with other departments such as product management and design to ensure seamless integration of engineering efforts with overall business objectives.

  • Technical Strategy: Develop and execute a technical roadmap, keeping abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies to maintain our competitive edge.

  • Quality Assurance: Implement and maintain robust quality control processes to ensure the reliability and performance of our engineering outputs.


  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Technical Acumen

  • Communication

  • Problem-Solving


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering or a related field.

  • Proven experience in engineering management or a similar leadership role.

  • Strong technical background and understanding of relevant engineering principles.

  • Excellent project management and organizational skills.

  • Effective communication and team-building abilities.

  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.